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At Bernardette Romeira International School, we take pride in providing our students with excellent education which prepares them to succeed academically but also to thrive socially and culturally in an ever challenging world.
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Quality education is about relationships, learning experiences, creativity, academics and technological discoveries.
The Curricular Autonomy Programme (DAC - Domínio de Autonomia Curricular): Sports and Health was intended to promote healthy lifestyles and raise the school community's health literacy, as well as to encourage regular sports practice as a preventive measure against a sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity. This project involved students from the grade 9 classes, and was coordinated by the PE and Science teachers.

In the first phase of the Programme, the students selected food products and analyzed the labels to account for the sugar present in them, based on the traffic light rule for decoding DGS labels. The choice of products to be analyzed was based on the consumption habits of the students themselves, their colleagues and their younger siblings, as well as suggestions from teachers with school-aged children. To inform the school community of the results they obtained, students made awareness posters calling for responsible consumption of the analyzed products.

In a later stage, the students processed and analyzed data related to the FitnessGram test and created scientific posters to inform the community of their results. This work was developed in Portuguese, ICT and Maths classes.

Also within the scope of the Sports and Health DAC Programme, students received training in First Aid and Basic Life Support in collaboration with the School Health Team of Olhão's Health Center, and organized and operated the Sports Day activities for grades 1-4 students.

It should be noted that due to the COVID-19 contingency measures enacted by the Government, the communication phase of the interdisciplinary project was developed in at-home classes. In small videoconferencing groups, using the Teams Platform, students demonstrated a great capacity for collaborative work and a spirit of mutual help, which proved to be a final product of excellent scientific and graphic quality.

The students are to be congratulated for all the work developed, but above all for the adaptability and resilience demonstrated at the end of the project. Teachers wish them success in the next stages of this great journey that is knowledge.

See the project results here.
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