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CBR – Colégio Bernardette Romeira
At Bernardette Romeira International School, we take pride in providing our students with excellent education which prepares them to succeed academically but also to thrive socially and culturally in an ever challenging world.
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Quality education is about relationships, learning experiences, creativity, academics and technological discoveries.
Given the "new normal" we are currently living in, Colégio Bernardette Romeira is continually making efforts to ensure the safety and health of its students and educational community. CBR has a Contingency Plan, a Hygiene Plan, specific prevention measures for the new academic year, and follows all guidelines from the Directorate General of Health, the Directorate General for Education and any government decisions that are made during the year.
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1 – General Measures

  1. Conditioned access to the building, with the exception of children and employees;
  2. Access to the building must be made:
    • with the minimum recommended distance;
    • in separate circulation circuits;
    • following the signs on the pavement, with different routes according to their grade and ciclo.
  3. At the entrance, it is mandatory:
    • to clean one's shoes on a proper mat for this purpose;
    • to measure one's temperature (no data recording) and to disinfect one's hands with the alcohol-based antiseptic solution provided;
  4. Mandatory mask use for adults and children over 10 years old;
  5. Reinforcement of frequent hand washing/disinfection before and after meals, before and after going to the bathroom, and whenever they return from outside.
  6. Compliance with the respiratory etiquette;
  7. Avoid personal sharing of personal items.

2 – Schedule organization and access and circulation circuits
  1. Opening hours of the establishment: 8 am to 7 pm;
  2. Each class' timetable is made so that they interact the least possible with other classes;
  3. Internal circulation is conditioned to the staff. Students will be delivered and collected at the reception. Parents and legal guardians cannot enter the school building;
  4. Each classroom can only be accessed by staff and the classroom's assigned class;
  5. Use of the building segmented with different circulation circuits for Early Years, Middle School - 1º Ciclo and Middle School - 2º e 3º Ciclo;
  6. Whenever possible, the doors and windows of the spaces will be open in order to avoid frequent touch and provide better cross-ventilation, without compromising the students' safety.

3 – Student Organization
  1. Students are organized into groups/classes and assigned a specific classroom per class;
  2. The 1.5m spacing measures will be maintained in the classrooms, guaranteeing the maximization of space between people, with each student being assigned an individual worktable;
  3. All non-essential accessories for teaching activities will be removed from the rooms, reinforcing the regular cleaning and disinfection of all others, according to the space hygiene plan;
  4. Students must have the individual material required for each activity.

4 – Spaces Management
  1. The meal service (lunches and snacks) will be held in the restricted area of ??the Kindergarten, with a signposted place at the tables, in order to comply with the recommended physical distance. Before eating meals, children should wash their hands supervised by an adult and, if necessary, be helped to do it correctly;
  2. In case of need to use the Library, Music Classroom, Auditorium, Arts Classroom and Laboratories, the capacity will be reduced. There are signs indicating the places that can be occupied in order to guarantee the rules of physical distance. After each use, adequate decontamination of the surfaces used (tables, chairs) will be carried out;
  3. In any field trips that may occur, COVID-19 prevention and control measures will be guaranteed, namely:
    • Physical distance between students and people from other groups;
    • Regular hand hygiene;
    • Respiratory etiquette.

5 – In case of suspected infection and isolation
  1. In the event of suspected infection by the individual or a third party, all members of the educational community have a duty to immediately contact the plan coordinator, Paula Vargues or substitute Ermelinda Ferreira by calling (+351) 968 818 105;
  2. When the plan coordinator verifies the relevance of the suspicion, the person will be directed to the Isolation Room, which is the First Aid Office;
  3. On their way to the Isolation Room, the person cannot touch any surfaces or interact with anyone;
  4. The Health Authority is immediately informed of the suspected case, and the data person's (name, date of birth, telephone contact), as well as their contact group's data, is given to the Autority, in order to facilitate the application of public health measures to high-risk contacts;
  5. In the case of a student, their parent or legal guardian is immediately notified;
  6. To ensure the serenity of the educational community, if the suspicion mechanism is activated, the plan coordinator will inform if the case was confirmed or confirmed after receiving this information from the health authorities. Upon confirmation of the case, the college will develop the measure defined by the health authorities.

6 – Hygiene Plan
  1. The school's cleaning and disinfection obeys an extraordinary Hygiene Plan for COVID-19, according to Guideline 024/2020 of 05/08/2020, updated on 07/20/2020, from the General Health Directorate (DGS) for educational establishments. All cleaning staff are informed of the new Plan;
  2. Reinforced hygiene of all spaces, according to the specific work plan posted at the entrance of each space;
  3. Reinforcement in the cleaning of teaching materials and equipment used by children; Guarantee of natural cross ventilation of all spaces to be used by children.

7 – School Bus Rules
  1. When using the collective transport of children in the school's vehicles, the guidelines for collective passenger transport will be followed, (Decree-Law no. 20/2020 of May 1st ensuring:
  2. Compliance with the safety distance and distance between passengers. Each student is attributed a seat and they must not leave it or change it;
    • Reduction of the maximum capacity according to the current legislation (Decree-Law no. 20/2020 of 1 May);
    • Disinfecting the passangers' hands as they enter and exit the vehicle;
    • DGS guidelines will be followed.

Any clarifications that you deem necessary, should privilege contact via e-mail, and lastly, face-to-face scheduling with the Contingency Plan Coordinator Paula Vargues pvargues@cbr.edu.pt or Substitute Coordinator Ermelinda Ferreira erferreira@cbr.edu. pt
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