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Is Colégio Bernardette Romeira an International School?

Colégio Bernardette Romeira is accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Education as an International School. CBR teaches its English Studies section, which offers Primary and Lower Secondary levels, according to Cambridge methodologies and programme.

Do students wear a uniform?

Students must wear a school t-shirt or polo shirt, which can be purchased at the school office.

Students can wear their own dark blue jeans/shorts/skirts. Shorts and skirts at just-above-the-knee length and/or with leggings underneath, any other length is not allowed as part of the school uniform (even on PE days).

For PE lessons, students must wear the school sports uniform: a tracksuit or dark blue shorts and a white t-shirt. Students must wear clean trainers/gym shoes when they have classes in the gymnasium. This specific uniform can also be purchased at the school office.

Does CBR offer boarding facilities?

CBR is a day school, therefore students are required to live with their parents or legal guardians.

What is your school year?

The first day of school usually begins in the first week of September and ends at the end of June. Click here to see the complete calendar.

Typically, how long is a school day?

For Grades 1 to 6, school starts at 9:00 am and ends around 3:30 pm/4:30 pm. Until 5:00 pm, the activities of Complement to Artistic Education are available for optional enrollment. For Grades 7 to 9, school starts at 9:00 am and ends around 4:30 pm/5:30 pm.

Does the school offer Extra-Curricular Activities?

CBR offers a wide variety of Curriculum Enrichment Activities (not included in tuition fees) and Artistic Education Complementary Activities (included in the curriculum, of optional attendance - no additional payment required). You can consult the available activities here, and the sports activities included in ACDCBR (Associação Cultural e Desportiva Colégio Bernardette Romeira) here.

What languages are taught at CBR?

Early and Primary Years – in the primary years CBR has a Portuguese and an English section; in each section, students learn through either Portuguese or English and study the other as a second language.

Middle School - From grades 6-9 Portuguese is the language of instruction and a third language is offered: Spanish, French or German.

Do you accept students during the school year?

If and when space is available. Please contact CBR's Administration Offices for more information (Tel.: (+351) 289 701 021 | E-mail: secretaria@cbr.edu.pt)

Does the school provide bus transportation?

A private bus service is available to all students at an extra cost.

Does the school provide hot lunch service and snacks?

At CBR lunch service is catered-only* and available at an extra cost by monthly subscription. Occasional lunch service can be purchased on a daily basis as well. Alternatively, students who live in the proximities of the school can have a home lunch. Please have a look at our Menu options available on our website.

Within the cafeteria, we have the “CBR Cafe” available for all students. Payment is made by school card or cash.

Morning/afternoon snacks are provided by families.

*Exceptions are made and a packed lunch is allowed only for medical/allergy/dietary requirements.